Hair TRUTH HAIR Kyoko -  blondesSkin more more. momo skin_milk...

Hair TRUTH HAIR Kyoko – blondes

Skin more more. momo skin_milk (catwa) @SpringScandal

Lips :: MOMOCHUU :: MOO Lip Gloss

Drass *{( konpeitou )}* kawaii-Hakama (usagi


Tears+Bindi [Cubic cherry] {Sakura} tears and bindi


Ear pierce+Necklace .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. “sakura” Jewelry set (pink stone)


Pose [La Baguette] Joyssance poses 1 to 10 (BENTO)

Facial Pose BodyLanguage SLC Bento Facial SS POSE Blossom – Pouty lip @K9

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