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Head: CATWA HEAD HanakoSkin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Aoki # 5_104 *NEW* @Kustom9Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Hime Dress: Disorderly+MoonAmore / Skully Dress RARE *NEW* @N21Choker: darkendStare. eyeball choker
DISORDERLY+MoonAmore / Fancy Halloween *NEW* @N21
DISORDERLY+MoonAmore / Fancy Halloween / Skull Cake
DISORDERLY+MoonAmore / Fancy Halloween / Bottle Candles / Gold
DISORDERLY+MoonAmore / Fancy Halloween / Centerpiece / Gold
DISORDERLY+MoonAmore / Fancy Halloween / Pumpkin Stand
DISORDERLY+MoonAmore / Fancy Halloween / Macaroons
DISORDERLY+MoonAmore / Fancy Halloween / Skull Bell Jar / Gold
DISORDERLY+MoonAmore / Fancy Halloween / Pumpkin Bell Jar

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【sail away】

Hello lovelies! Hope you’re all well. I’m doing another quick post today since I’m not really sure what to talk about. Most of the stuff is for Gacha Garden, but there’s also some Rewind and Chapter Four as well. On a super exciting note, my new PC will be here Monday. (Hopefully when I’m awake so I can go sign for it!) Hope you like!

{ credits }
decor.Bed | 04 [Glitzz] Baroque – Bed White @ gacha garden
Chair | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Single French sofa – white
Chest | Onsu ~ “Booty” Velvet Lined Trunk
Dresser | {BunBun} Sugar Sweet – White DresserLamp | 02 [Glitzz] Baroque – Table Lamp – White 2 Li @ gacha gardenLight | [Glitzz] Baroque – Candle Standing – Gold SOI @ gacha gardenPillows | 01 [Glitzz] Baroque – Pillow White @ gacha gardenPuppies | [Black Bantam] Puppies At Play 2 @ the chapter fourRug | 03 [Glitzz] Baroque – Round Rug – White @ gacha gardenSkybox | 15 [Glitzz] Baroque Set – Sky White – RARE @ gacha gardenVanity | 06 [Glitzz] Baroque – Vanity Table – White05 [Glitzz] Baroque – Vanity Stool – White @ gacha garden
Brows | .ARISE. Shen Eyebrows CATWA @ the liason collaborative
Dress | #1″mignon.” -40s sailor dress.[Maitreya exp] RARE @ rewind open tomorrowHair | pr!tty – Lea – {Buns} – SOI @ gacha gardenHat | #2″mignon.” -40s sailor hat. RARE @ rewind open tomorrowHeels/Socks | #3″mignon.” -40s sailor socks+heels.[Maitreya exp] RARE @ rewind open tomorrowPose | an lar [poses] The Girly Girl Series – ThreePuppy | [Black Bantam] Puppy At Play 1 @ the chapter four

You can also view the post at GimmeGacha.

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Post #1897

Sponsors-Tentacio Amore harness @KinkySupernatural Amaris Black @Kawaii ProjectSn@tch Gwynn Hair @MainstoreSn@tch Thana horns headpiece @MainstoreNightmare Damaged Tattoo @CovenPaper Rabbit Poses 43-48 @SanaraeD.U.S.T Mystery in the closet 3d photo box @Mainstore
Everything Else-Adored Soul eater lips bitchcraft editionAdored Spellbinder shadows hexed edition KC Skull garter w/bladeGoth1c0 Samantha braceletNO art nails black magicCult Frill heelsChemical Princess chemi tights Dirtystories Gothic pasties Sakura Pentagram earrings Maitreya mesh body LaraCatwa mesh bento head Magy

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Another Day {702}

Another Day {702}

Kimono~ |Les Encantades| Tsukiko Kimono {Koi}Items Listed Below are From Aii & can be Found @ Fantasy Gacha CarnivalFumetsu no KiseruGolden Lantern SakkatLace BowRARE Fumetsu no RobeHair~ |pr!tty| Vicious LoveSkin~ |MUDSKIN| Aoki # ULTRA RARE
Background~ |Gabriel| Akariya Night Landscape

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# 188

So i put together this cute esemble from some diffrent stores and events.
The supercute hoodie is from Candy Kitten and comes with a nice color hud for both the hoodie and the bows.
The shorts i got from CandyDoll Mala collection at Epiphany. So much nice stuff in that gacha machine. The shoes are also from CandyDoll and come with a lovely hud with so many options for so many parts of the shoe. Amazing. You can get them at FAMESHED.
The cute hair is from .Olive., a little messy bun to go with the outfit 🙂

Hoodie: Super sweet jacket – *CK* Candy Kitten (NEW at mainstore)
Shorts: Mala Pants Black – CandyDoll (NEW at Epiphany)
Shoes: Zaida Heels – Light Colors CandyDoll (NEW at FAMESHED)
Hair: the Alicia Hair – Crazy Glitter – .Olive. (NEW at Gacha Garden)
Necklace: The Kimberly Choker – Birthstone Special – Amala
Nails: *PH* V.I.P Group Gift // bento nail “WITCH” – Pink Lion (GROUP GIFT)
Eyes: Magic Eyes – pink – .tsg.
Skins: Magda Cotton Candy – 7 Deadly s{K}ins (NEW at Designer Showcase)
Head: Lona Bento head – Catwa
Body: Maitreya Mesh body – Maitreya

Bead: Romance/SEX bed – Tiar
Sign: neon why aren’t we having sex yet? – floorplan.
Chandeleir: Princess Closet-Chandelier(Dark) – -Nomi- (NEW at Epiphany)
Box: Princess Closet-Shoe Box(Dark) – -Nomi- (NEW at

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Tokyo Grill


UnKindness – Tokyo Grill (gacha) NEW @ 6Republic

Your box should include 14 commons and 2 rares!

Rares –
Tokyo Grill Restaurant
Tokyo Grill Bamboo Fountain

Commons –
Chef’s Grill Table
Chef’s Table Stool
Bar Table
Bar Chair
Bamboo Planter
Metal Divider
Wood Divider
Screen Divider
Hanging Lamp
Chopsticks Centerpiece
Restaurant Sign
Waiting Bench
Food spread
Onion Volcano

FREE GIFT- UnKindness – uK – Bamboo Hall Set – L’Homme
Available now at our mainstore to celebrate the release of the autumn edition of L’Homme Magazine. The group is free to join, be sure to check out notices for other amazing gifts to collect from magazine sponsors!

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@Gacha Garden
Hair: .Olive. the Alicia Hair – FATPACK [Rez] RARE

(*HEXtraordinary* Guppy Gacha)
*HEXtraordinary* Guppy Tank
*HEXtraordinary* Guppy – Turquoise
*HEXtraordinary* Guppy – Elusive Pink
*HEXtraordinary* Guppy – Rainbow
*HEXtraordinary* Guppy – Sunstone
*HEXtraordinary* Guppy – Cornflower

@The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
(+ Occult + Zombie Fanatic Gacha)
#1+ Occult + Zombie Fanatic Skirt {Maitreya} ULTRA RARES
#1+ Occult + Zombie Fanatic Sweat {Maitreya} ULTRA RARES
#6 +Occult +Zombie Fanatic Bloody Necklace Teal {Resizer}
#11 + Occult + Zombie Fanatic Earring Bloody Eyes Teal {LEFT}
#12 + Occult + Zombie Fanatic NeonHead {Resizer}

@6º Republic
Bike: 10T&Co. Knucklehead Digger

@The Mens Dept

Glasses: *6DOO* neon spectacles TOKYO
Stocking&Boots: *COCO*_PlatformBoots_Black

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❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ # 714

Dress and Socks : ::C’est la vie !:: Hedy Gacha
Hair : Mello. Fall Bundle Hair Special @The Gacha Garden
Socks : Mello. Cozy Socks 01 M/exp @The Gacha Garden
Scarf : Mello. Fall Bundled Scarf Wind Strands @The Gacha Garden
❀ App Catwa Head : [ MUDSKIN ]_Aoki # Bare Skin HUD @Kustom9

“Moon_Sha” Frozen Set @The Gacha Garden
“Moon_Sha” Improvised Snowman 1 @The Gacha Garden
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Bench @The Gacha Garden
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Chair 1 @The Gacha Garden
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Outside Table @The Gacha Garden
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Streetlamp 1 @The Gacha Garden
“Moon_Sha” Snow Heap 1 @The Gacha Garden
“Moon_Sha” Handcart White – Snow (Wear) @The Gacha Garden
“Moon_Sha” Snow Heap 2 @The Gacha Garden

Bunny gacha 01 – sleeping bunny @The Gacha Garden
Bunny gacha 02 – flower/bunny @The Gacha Garden
Bunny gacha 03 – just bunny @The Gacha Garden
Bunny gacha 04 – carrot/bunny @The Gacha Garden
Bunny gacha 06 – unicorn bunny RARE @The Gacha Garden
Bunny gacha 07 – box bunny RARE @The Gacha Garden
Bunny gacha 09 – vines/bunny @The Gacha Garden
Bunny gacha 10 – heart/bunny @The Gacha Garden
Bunny gacha 11 – blanket/bunny @The Gacha Garden
Pile of carrots – Gift @The Gacha Garden

Source:: look perfect sl fashion

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