Hair: [DUE] Yozakura // Fatpack
Skybox: Sari-Sari – Puppet Skybox

@The Mens Dept
Make: .Quirky&LovelyDisarray. – See No Evil (unpacked)

({iD} ArM BanD -BlacK-&-ReD- / GACHA/ [ Wear] /)
{iD} ArM BanD -BlacK- [12] RARE *>

@The Crystal Heart Festival
Hat: RO – Resonance Ultra Cat Cap

Skin: .tsg. Koko Applier for Catwa Catya *OMEGA* *FATPACK*
Tattoo: *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack – Vergilivs
Dress: Violent Seduction – Hades

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The Crystal Heart
Hair: Tableau Vivant Aeolian hair – FP
Eyes: . offbeat . romantic moon eyes : color 02
*{( konpeitou )}* rose moon gacha
Outfit: RARE *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon – 2 nehalenia
Collar: *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon – 4 ball collar
Mouth pierceing: *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon – 5 star piercing
Hair piece: *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon – 6 moon jewelry
Face jewelry: *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon – 7 tears jewelry
Tabi: *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon – 10 Tabi rose garden
Hair ornament: TCH gift *{( konpeitou )}* black lady ornamental
The Seasons Story
Skin Applier: more more. nari skin_for bloggers (catwa)
Geta: ALTAIR* neko geta -stripes light- .
The Project Se7en
Brows: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ B&W Brows
Blush/Eyemake: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ RARE
Body tattoo(blood): -[TWC]- Shattered

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Not Even Tired {650}

Not Even Tired {650}

Eye Bags~ |Lovely Disarray| Restless Beauty : Makeup Set @ Sombre EventLips~ |Lovely Disarray| Soiled Lips : Unisex (Catwa+Omega) @ Sombre EventHair~ |DOUX| MileyRings~ |Kibitz| Love RingsDress~ |le fil casse| Vanessa Dress @ The Fantasy CollectiveEyes~ |S0NG| Oxy Peach EyesSkin~ |PUMEC| TESS – 2 in 1 – April / May (Catwa)
Bed~ |Scarlet Creative| The Arcade: Venice Messy Bed MTPlushes~ |MishMish| Princess Donut/Mr. Spoon

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Cute but Deadly

Be sure to hurry to snatch up the cute Tentacio outfit from SaNaRae! It closes in a few days.

hair: Blues – Olivia *new* at Hair Fair
head: CATWA – Catya
skin: Enfer Sombre – Gabrielle *new* at The Crystal Heart
eyes: S0NG – Crystal Kitty Glitch 1 RARE *new* at The Crystal Heart
lashes: MICHAN – Sera *new* at AnyBODY
glasses: cest la vie – heart glasses (free subscribo gift)
lips: The Sugar Garden – Spring (VIP group gift)
choker: Quirky – Magical Girl Dual Choker *new* at The Crystal Heart
outfit & shoes: Tentacio – Plastic Girl *new* at SaNaRae
bracelets: random matter – Kihyun Cuffs *new* at The Chapter Four
knife: random matter – Girl Fight Pocket Knife *new* at The Crystal Heart
pose: Besa – Crystal *new* at The Crystal Heart

backdrop: CMYK – 7. pastel magical studio rare *new* at The Crystal Heart
weapons: random matter – Girl Fight *new* at The Crystal Heart

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Mesh Head (BENTO): CATWA HEAD Lona
Skin (Applier): [ MUDSKIN ]_Rose Gacha @Okinawa Summer Festival NEW!
+ [ MUDSKIN ]_Rose # RARE
Makeup (Lip): :: MOMOCHUU :: Mitsuki LIPS [CATWA] @The Seasons Story NEW!
Outfit: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you Gacha @Okinawa Summer Festival NEW!
+ Hair and Cap: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Hair RARE
+ Jacket and Bag: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-B Maitreya RARE
+ Top: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Swimsuit top4 Maitreya
+ Bottom: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Swimsuit bottom2 Maitreya
+ Earrings: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Earring3-2
Pose: an lar [poses] The Julia Series @The Seasons Story NEW!
+ an lar [poses] The Julia Series – Two (m)

Bar: [Bad Unicorn] Blues Rum Bar @Deco(C)rateNEW!
DracaenaTrees: Little Branch LB_DracaenaTree{Animated}*FatPack @Deco(C)rateNEW!
Lanterns: *~*HopScotch*~* Paper Lanterns @The Seasons Story NEW!
Starfish Wall: A.D.D.Andel! Starfish Wall Piece-Star @The Seasons Story NEW!
Refrigerator: D-LAB TOMATO JUICE refrigerator @Fifty Linden Friday NEW!
Refrigerator: D-LAB Beer refrigerator @Fifty Linden Friday NEW!
Scene: (Milk Motion) Road to nowhere Gacha

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HAIR: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kizushi w/ Ears & Bow RARE @ The Gacha Guardians NEW!!
MAKE-UP APPLIER: .ARISE. Haruku Makeup Yellow (Catwa) @ Okinawa Summer Fest NEW!!
KIMONO: tomoto, kimonoF gingham pink @ Japonica NEW!!
SLIPPERS: 2.*MGSIT-STORE* f-flops@EVE[F] @ Okinawa Summer Fest NEW!!
PROPS: ++Twilight++ Sanshin Famale secret @ Okinawa Summer Fest NEW!!
++Twilight++ Okinawa Restaurant @ Okinawa Summer Fest NEW!!
1.Okinawa restaurant Rare / ++Twilight++
++Twilight++ 2.Counter Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 3.Sink + Sake Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 4.Table Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 5.Small table Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 6.Okinawa Taco-rice Set Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 7.Okinawa Rafute Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 8.Okinawa Goya-chanpuru Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 9.Okinawa Soba Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 10.Beef-stake Okinawa style restaurant
++Twilight++ 11.awamori-glass Okinawa style restaurant
poche – summer fresh drink @ Okinawa Summer Fest NEW!!
Summer Fresh Drink – Clear mint
Summer Fresh Drink – Gentle watermelon
Summer Fresh Drink – Summer lemonade
*Artisan Fantasy* Finger Foods Gacha @ The Gacha Guardians NEW!!
*AF* Finger Food 7 – Ham, Cheese, Pickle
*AF* Finger Food 9 – Meatballs & Pineapple
[ bubble ] Random Neons Gacha @ The Gacha Guardians NEW!!
[ bubble ] Vivid Rainbow Neon Wall Decor – RARE
[ bubble ] Pineapple Neon Wall Decor

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Look #1061

Beach Fun

。.:*・°☆.。。Get The Look。.:*・°☆.。。
。.:*・°☆.。。Body。.:*・°☆.。。Mesh Head:Catwa Lona v2.12 Skin: .tsg. Jojo C Tone Mesh Body:Maitreya Lara V4.0Eyes:Buzzeri Elysium Eyes – Chocolate
。.:*・°☆.。。Cosmetics。.:*・°☆.。。Brows:Wednesday[+] Korean Brows-Brown Lashes:Wednesday[+] Everyday Lashes Tattoo:Stardust Lea Le Leanna Tattoos New!!! @ SummerfestLipstick:WarPaint* Popsicle Lips
。.:*・°☆.。。Clothing。.:*・°☆.。。Swimsuit:*BOOM* Caged Sports Bra & Volley Shorts-Mint New!!! @ SummerfestShoes:REIGN ARUBA WEDGE/ BAREFOOT SANDALS New!!! @ Summerfest
。.:*・°☆.。。Accessories。.:*・°☆.。。Hair:Wasabi Pills Plum-Fireworks New!!! @ SummerfestFloatie:Quirky Donut Floatie – Strawberry New!!! @ The Seasons Story
。.:*・°☆.。。Pose。.:*・°☆.。。 = fashiowl poses = In The Beach New!!! @ The Liaison Collaborative

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Soak Up the Sun ~

“Sunlight contains two forms of radiant energy, ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). UVB provides the energy your skin needs to make vitamin D, but that energy can burn the skin and increase the cell damage that leads to cancer. UVA also contributes to skin damage and premature aging.”*Ensemble ~CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0 Bento UpdateGlam Affair – Alura – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – America Recent Fifty Linden Friday ~#~ LCKY Zana Hair Fair~#~ [Cubic Cherry] {Kaori} bindi Original mesh/materials enabled, 20 color options for both the star and the swirls (texture change hud). Two versions: regular and reversed star. (Was at Somber last round, will be in main store soon, please look forward.) .kosmetik Lip Balm.tinted, & .kosmetik Seasonal Nails.independence Dollarbies!~#~ The White Crow – Summer Rainbow Full Body Tattoo with Appliers, & Materials ready! The Seasons Story~#~ Les Sucreries De Fairy * Lil Pirat Doll * Pink Necklace Gacha SaNaRae~#~ Yokai 17.Yokai – Let’s swim – sunglasses (dark blue ), & 13.Yokai – Let’s swim – Hoop wit duck (yellow) On9~#~ Yokai 6.Yokai – Siren Song – Magic Necklace (blue) Gacha ~#~ :Moon Amore: Breezy Swimsuit 7 Color pack (Choco, Pink, Banana, Coral, Lime, Pure and Onyx)Each pack comes with 3 pieces (Bikini: Top & Panty, Swimsuit) Include hud to change pearls. Fatpack includes: 2 extra colors (Lilac and Blue) +10 Pattern textures and Full Sheer texture option. Mix & Match each piece in the swimsuit! Prefitted for Maitreya body Collabor88
Set ~Sway’s [Agwe] Moon Chair . tropical Texture Change, Single & Couple Poses, Animated! Fifty Linden Friday ~#~ Schadenfreude Dolphin Drink (rez) – Pineapple Party, Schadenfreude Peyenapple – Pineapple Party, & Schadenfreude Pineapple – Pineapple Party & Schadenfreude Palm Drink (rez) – Pineapple Party SaNaRae~#~ Yokai 11.Yokai – Picnic – Bird bath (blue), & 14. Yokai – Picnic – Picnic basket (watermelon) SaNaRae~#~ Yokai 11.Yokai – Hot Summer – Fruit (green), & 12.Yokai – Hot Summer – Fruit (red)~#~ Les Sucreries De Fairy * Lil Pirat Doll * Blue Hat, & * Lil Pirat Doll * Red Decoration 1 SaNaRae+Half-Deer+ Bubble Brigade Crab – Rainbow – Less Bubbles~#~ Sweet Thing. Peach Starfish (c/m), & Sweet Thing. Beach Clutter – Bold (c/m)~#~ Yokai 10.Yokai – Let’s swim – Rubber Duck (green), & 9.Yokai – Let’s swim – Rubber Duck (blue) On9

(“~#~” Symbol denotes Current or Past Sponsored items, either Store/Designer Sponsor or Sponsored Events, All other items have been Purchased by me unless otherwise noted, (ex:Group Gifts, Freebies, etc.) Please visit the “Sponsors” & the “Events” Page for a complete list of my Current Sponsors & their SLurls, & information on any Events I’m officially Blogging, respectively. Thank you for your Support!)

* http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/vitamin-d-and-your-health-breaking-old-rules-raising-new-hopes

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Look #1060


。.:*・°☆.。。Get The Look。.:*・°☆.。。
。.:*・°☆.。。Body。.:*・°☆.。。Mesh Head:Catwa Lona v2.12 Skin: .tsg. Jojo C Tone Mesh Body:Maitreya Lara V4.0Eyes:{S0NG} Junji Eyes New!!! @ -The Project Se7en-
。.:*・°☆.。。Cosmetics。.:*・°☆.。。Brows:.Arise. Kano Brows-White New!!! @ Okinawa Summer FestivalLashes:Wednesday[+] Everyday Lashes Eye Makeup:.Arise. Haruku Makeup New!!! @ Okinawa Summer Festival
。.:*・°☆.。。Clothing。.:*・°☆.。。Shirt:Avie Zoe Crop Top New!!! @ The Chapter FourShorts:.:villena:. Laced Up Ripped Shorts – BlueShoes:Avie Zoe Crop Top New!!! @ On9
。.:*・°☆.。。Accessories。.:*・°☆.。。Hair:[Runaway] Cherry Hair New!!! @ Hair FairTomagachi: (: okidoki 🙂 Continue Tamagochi-White New!!! @ -The Project Se7en-
。.:*・°☆.。。Decor。.:*・°☆.。。Backdrop:RAMA #selfie_RAMA Art Showroom RARETv & Games: (: okidoki 🙂 Continue TV Game Set Rare New!!! @ -The Project Se7en-

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